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    There are a few beginner levels, a few advanced levels w/ promotions, on demand storage, app control and more plus levels that include monetization & social media integration Our best option is the media center website and SLA. Advanced App Control: Comes w/ optional set up methods – URLs that provide app access….

SLA - Service Level Agreements


Service Level Agreement City – Control, Distribute, Monetize, Video & Upload Storage

SPEEDSTREAM.TV Hybrid CDN and Hosting Master Control


control over content.  control and protection, back up copies of my files.  control over censorship.  control with my advertising and viewer base.  what is control?  what is the speedstream control center? – levels of control over your content – << licensing offerings – streamer account levels insure your content is the way you design >>…

SLA - Service Level Agreements

service levels

  The Beginning Level – Streamer – Example The Advanced App w/ Social Media Level – Media Center – Example The Professional Level – Viral Ready – Example breaking down the levels of control streamer = beginner = player / chat advanced app = social media / search integration = media center website / player & chat w/ admin…

professional level

Professional Level offers Channel Operators the Full Capabilities of the Webwhile you are getting prepared for viral readiness & monetization Media Center Websites, Google Ads, Search, Embed Code, Uplinks, Virtual Control Systems, Plugins, Themes, Modules. 2, 8 and 24 Terra Bytes (TB) of Cloud Hard Drive , VHD, SSD, HDD Cloud Storage Space for your…

Events Applications

All Event Models Genric v4 Events Presentation Events Models Trade Show Model PDF: Trade Show Model Slides

desktop streaming

– Streaming Systems / Platform Solutions / Software Suite – Get Quote Backpacks | Dedicated Streaming Desktops & Servers | Embedded | Customized Set Top Systems 2 – Avermedia Capture Systems Pre-Configured w/ Security IP / Network Etc. 1 – System Installation & Configuration, Delivery in USA 1 – Network Switch and Hub to Support 1000 Mbps 1 – VMix Compatible…

playlist managers

Online Playlist Management System: Playlist managers manage the individual features of the IPTV Channel(s) assists in Uploading (ingesting) Video/Audio and allows for playlists to be Continuous Play, Random Loop, and Newest to Oldest in order and linked to Pay-Per-View, Password Protected, Expiration Security Playlists and individualized content.   Virtual Machine Management TVK Station Builder How…