speedstream.tv is a platform of solutions, services and products.

In a nutshell – there are various levels of streamer systems and other techy things offered.  (levels)

We offer Streaming Media Systems to clients – we help people own channels like has never been done before.

The speedstream way is to use the best promotional delivery, tracking systems combined with live broadcasting channels to push messages that go viral.

I developed a platform for online broadcast, a Mobile Rugged Backpack, Desktop Dedicated Computers for streaming – Systems and Solutions that will Uplink/Downlink/Share etc., with the cloud-based media center and broadcasting channel online platform.

Thus begins the speedstream.tv way.

Most clients are using Open Source OBS or Licensing VMix or the “One Touch System we Developed that come in a broadcast kit designed computer system.   The “One Touch System” is the easiest to use, reliable, rugged and easily scales up for those who want to purchase many mobile wearable kit devices.   Our platform is designed to provide services to fleets of wearable streamer and dedicated systems.

(Channels) and Tech Farm supports the streaming channel systems and sites  with a software suite of tools speedstream.tv, MTFNOW, IPTVX & clients use the software suite to manage our pa businesses.

In-House development agency My Tech Farm MTF – freelance web development, robust  data driven sites, seo ads etc.  www.mtfnow.com

As the inventor, founder, developer & owner I thank you for your interest in what I’ve developed.

Doug Watkins