We automate the connection to your channel to a 24/7 Viewing Channel using a playlist and channel manager.

The system takes care of itself with our video/audio playlists that play until you return live of course, Mess with it and Mix it up, ultimately design it all how you like.

Use our playlist managers to upload, make changes or insert links to live broadcasts and more…

If that’s not enough you can even make more complex playlists with our Open Source SMIL and XML Playlists

Do It Yourself or Use Our Easy Turn Key Solutions!

But there is more…

Our “One Touch Workflow” allows you to easily connect and uplink live video from a mobile backpack or embedded device directly to your own website and stream as long as you want, to many people, to anyone public or private, pay per view or a coupon linked  publishing point, anywhere in the world and at any time you want.

In the case of the one touch solution it is meant for deployments where there should be no need for a web developer.

Utilize our One Touch Solutions where you control the content, the brand and the message from a portable, rugged, mobile, live, auto uplinked backpack to yoursite.com

solutions in streaming:



broadcast kit – one touch solution

dedicated streaming solution

channels and virtual services

apps and tools for streaming and monetization

how to get set up

Kit Rental






Our software connects http:// streams to a global network of public and private channels. This allows you to many things that were previously unheard of. Let us implement one of the business models below for you.  Vertical Markets & Business Models