Dear you,

  • We deliver reliable broadcast quality real-time audio and video.
  • We promise to provide the best audio-video player apps, chats, cms, crm, hosting, cdn, protocol networks; so that we have it all in one place for our clients.
  • We promise to deliver prospecting software so that each channel operator can manage online success.
  • We promise to utilize our partner network of channels to leverage online promotion and expand the base of viewers.
  • We promise to protect your content while allowing free and paid distribution to viewers. “Now is the future is online media to the home – because business and personal real time meetings occur, it might also be beneficial to broadcast to more than a small group of people.”

That’s where we can really help out. Never before has streaming been explained the way we do – new models are emerging each day based on the fact that a platform has been established.

We now have the system in place that will allow you to use online tools to operate professional webcasting.

We promise to build the best sla service bundles possible, after all with webcasting Control Systems, Backpack Broadcasting Kit Designs;

We promise to provide mobile broadcasting using a unique combination of powerful streaming platforms with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multi way social media experiences to the broadest possible audience.

We promise you’ll find a superior media experience with new features such as 5G, 8G, WiFi and Starlink, BGAN connectivity, Remote Connection, Location Tool (on/off AIR), encoder software, PTMPDD Point to Multi-Point digital distribution, Embed code, Uploader, Station Builder, Custom Player, Custom Player Choices and Archive Software.

The future of the new SAT based systems that can provide 4K or 8K streaming anywhere.    We promise to get your stream uplinked using the best quality software and equipment available.

The Broadcasting Kit Brand mobile back-pack delivers a brilliant online experience to it’s global audience. We want to give you everything and do it right. You can be in control.


Doug Watkins Inventor/The CE -Chief Entrepreneur of this operation.