The Virtual TV Station Control Room has all the Equipment to Run 24/7 Operations as well as Live On Air at Anytime Day or Night.
The Control Room offers the following:

Permanent Channel Number/URL:
The permanent channel number allows viewers to easily locate and view channels either by name or by number.

Media Centers allow for Public/Private (QOS) Viewing / Transmitting; 24/7/365 Viewing/Programming; Transcoding Options Compatible with Mobile Devices and software encoders that can be deployed in seconds; HTTP encoding may be transcoded into Flash for H.264.
With the permanent channel technology channel operators will find that that there is no need for a firewall or the assignment of a new IP Address each time they need to do additional broadcasts.

The following technology and features are included in all Media Centers: Live or Delayed Broadcasting, Fixed Position or Mobile, Viewing can either be Public or Private, the Video Feed is Embeddable and Sharable, Scalable, Live or Pre-Produced Content Delivery and Archive, allows for 24/7/365 Continuous Playback or On Demand or Pay-Per-View, Open Public Viewing or Password Protected, Content Expiration.

  • Channel Types include:
  • Continuous Play
  • Random Loop
  • Linear Loop (default)
  • Cross-Linked Channels

All of which can be supported by Advertising or 100% ╩║Your Brand╩║ Channel(s)