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Player & Chat System – MC ver 15.0.04

Demo #1, 2,  3 and 4

Demo 1 – http://live.iolambc.com

Demo 3 – http://live.speedstream.tv

Demo 4 – http://streamer.speedstream.tv

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File Managers – Demo 1 ( ) – Demo 2 – Demo 3 – Demo 4

streaming and file management all in one solution

Magic Box – All New Interface





These are examples of the speedstream channel containers – they are virtual machine (vms) w/ dedicated IP and dns – we installed a few apps you access by the account dashboard – these “master control apps”   run it from a dedicated computer system we call a master control center system.   Interested, become a Channel Operator FreeGet a Quote by selecting Features a General Channel Setup QuestionnaireSchedule a Mission – Use the Wizard or Choose a Channel Type & Platform
Access to admin open source dashboard webpages – the client can use them as needed for customization and a live streaming uplink account and access key – the vm is also the streaming server and webpage server publishing point and storage system for a channel.   It takes 24 to 48 hours to create and customize once an order is placed.   We have simplified the process by offering a set up wizard and a choose a level of expertise.

Iola Missionary Baptist Church – The website is wordpress and the media center and app are installed on a separate virtual server with a dedicated IP address.

Player & Chat– BETA 4.7.04

Player, Chat, Admin, Uploader, VMS – BETA 4.7.04