pro level channels and media centers basic channels and media centers beginner channels and media centers

there are two beginner level (starter) (learner) media center account types

1) $39 Quarterly Billing 2) $225 Yearly Billing

each beginner media center includes a login to your uploader dashboard.  this dashboard / file manager connects your uploader public folder to a dedicated iptv channel url on another server which is cross-linked to your main channel embed code.  optional sign up for a channel w/ out a media center

(channels with out media centers are embed code and channel main public urls are mms:// and http:// rtmp:// or rtsp:// depending on your selection in the questionnaire.)

media center web site and url >> includes embed code >> embed code public / private  url >> manage file urls by a drop box dashboard app

there are several urls that make up the media center beginner control system.

1. Url to Main Media Center and Channel Home Page
2. Url included in the Embed Code –
3. URL of your Main channel feed – works in the background using the Embed Code to Access.   Or Access it direct with your own native media player.   embed code example.

how it works ?
when you upload to your account, anything you add to the public folder will be added to a 24/7 channel you manage.   create shared folders to store your videos.   you will use this audio / video storage area to keep all the master videos and other video formats needed to distribute your videos.

glossary – control boxes – add-ons – storage considerations

step 1. make a purchase you will be sent an email with your new account information and questionnaire.
step 2.  fill out a questionnaire – provide us with details about your channel.
step 3. your new uploader drop box and channel will become active
step 4. confirmation email of billing system account status.
step 5. activation email is sent to the new channel operator with access credentials to a new channel file manager dashboard.

you are the content creator, you are beginning to create a channel – maybe  think about including a media center control manager system for you channel design – Example Media Center for a Beginner

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