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simplified livestreaming solutions; gear and services all in one place

A Letter From the Desk to R. Douglas Watkins

With an EZ-Nav, a Set Up Wizard, Channel Operator Licensing potential channel operators can begin to use apps to easily and quickly as if they are a “big time & viral ready” webcaster within only a few days  – – with  very little or no barriers to market when using the platform.  This platform approach greatly reduces the time it takes for a “want to be” or a advanced web-caster to get “on air” using integrated uplink connections apps which are public / private controlled stream servers, we brand as       :upLink/         on distribution clients and uplink feed sources.   Our licensing agreements help define your level of censorship in the global scheme of things.

“The most clinical look back at the streaming media business” – it has been identification of how many barriers to market exist for regular clients, channel operators,  and those who are ready to get started in a streamer career.

If a company can greatly reduce the time and effort; plus further reduce overall learning curves (on areas that need to be handled behind the scenes with technical people) delivery should be with the platform.

1. Website to show programming – audio-video-multimedia – public and private consumption – media center
2. :upLink/  – uplink connects a computer to cloud CDN service is able to distribute to potentially unlimited people instead of zoom which is a smaller group.
3. Player & Chat System to interact with consumers.
4. Public, Private, Scalability, Viral Readiness
5. Publishing Points, On Demand, Archives, Previous Programming – Streamer App
6. Manage and Organize On Demand; all aspects of administration – Streamer App

These 6 areas are the groups where highly specialized knowledge is required, deep understanding is needed to provide a public level of webcasting – expertise in the areas where pioneers have developed software and a platform is made to address the remaining market barriers.

Unheard of — is that simultaneously we have developed a line of streaming computer equipment solution systems that are capable of healthy market share.

1. The Compute Stick knows as the Stream Stick serves tow functions.  Primary Streamer App :upLink/ – Manual for 2020
2. Interface for Viewing – Closed Caption Set Top / Embedded Device
3.  Rugged Mobile Broadcasting Backpack for Webcasting – Streamer Kit.
4.  Rugged Control System for Switching and Controlling Streaming media :upLinks/
5.  Cart-Desktop Based Computer Systems – Control Systems to Control Streaming Systems on a Planet wide basis.
6.  Virtual Server Technology
7.  Network framework w/out fear of censorship.
8.  Camera Systems for specific and wide use.


See the business model – the business plan is operational for those who accept the challenge.