apps & online store

stream control app – controls the player, embed code, chat, uplink ports, title, social media links, slogan, description.  (streamer.speedstream.tvapp demo

uplink apps – there are many but we recommend vMix, Wirecast and OBS with these you will use our custom stream control app to push your stream.  (how to)

website admin apps – media center is a website you control, adjustable levels of control, ads and promotions configuration,  monetization, linking is easy. (

WHM/cPanel apps – CRM, CMS, social media portal, viral ready websites, polls, portals, streaming, file management, stats. (iptvx adx)

stats apps – google, search engine optimization, online apps for business management (prospector)

what does viral ready mean…?  glossary

access streamer app admin

start >> stream control

account control options

get prospector

get media center

Media Center

media center login