Disruption, Disruptive Definition of disruption Most disruptive companies are in the technology sectors. A company that has developed a new technology that offers something refreshingly new. A company can be disruptive in various ways.   It might take away demand from other industries by creating something new and innovative that satisfies old consumer demands better. Disruptive…

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Random Ramblings – My Rough Draft – The Plight of the broadcaster. The Client – has to think to themselves how they can do the best webcast possible – this is ever present on “on the fly producers” mind – there is some ego involved with the technical mastery of different technical areas. Sayings like…

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vhd glossary

VHD – Virtual Hard Disk – Image File of the Partition Information.

virtual server

A virtual server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other operating systems (OS), versus dedicated servers. Because they are cost-effective and provide faster resource control, virtual servers are popular in Web hosting environments.


VirtualBox is open-source software for virtualizing the x86 computing architecture. It acts as a hypervisor, creating a VM (virtual machine) where the user can run another OS (operating system). … VirtualBox supports Windows, Linux, or macOS as its host OS. VMS (Virtual Memory System) is an operating system from the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) that…


VMS (Virtual Memory System) is an operating system from the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) that runs in its older mid-range computers. VMS originated in 1979 as a new operating system for DEC’s new VAX computer, the successor to DEC’s PDP-11. … (OpenVMS is also the name now used on the VAX computer.) A Virtual Machine…