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Control means different things to different people.  For people it means a master control system using an online software app w/  a master control center computer system interface.   We want you and your viewers to do it all the way! Firstly you want to have a great video player and Chat System, then you need sleek Web Admin Control system all which is based on a level of service you purchase from

Secondly we allow you to own, control and distribute channel your own content.  Using the Control Center Apps Dashboard, Uploader, Streamer Account, Streamer upLink info. and the front-end Admin App we supply – you have total control of your online promotions and live streams – buy now!

We support uploads for the following file types:

mp4, wmv, mov, mp3, m3u8, wsx, asx, jpg, png, avi, mkv 

We use VMS – Virtual Machine allows any other custom formats and platform features.

Media Center, Levels of Service, Streamer Player Box, Streamer Uplink, Advanced Streamer Media Center, Viral Ready Media Center and Streamer System

We have perfected a platform of all the online tools you need to do what you want in streaming… What does control mean to you?  What kind of hardware / equipment?  Is it how much upload spacemonetization toolssearch performance, hosting?  becoming viral ready?   what is viral ready?  we can also provide control systems that you define.  whether it be advanced streamer, streamer or professional – these levels of control are required to manifest your destiny as a streamerproducer, channel operator, master controller.

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