Why a Backpack ?

There is an ever present complexity level of doing a professional live broadcast of an event or feature. Audio and Video Quality must and is matched by others.

This is basically our checklist we use to make sure broadcast is ready for air.

Barriers to the Market:

(Any one of these not working in tandem will not be a broadcast.)

Main Barriers –
1. Computer System in General
2. Operating System
3. Software
4. USB/HDMI Connections
5. Network/Wireless
6. Wireless Speed
7. Encoder
8. Capture
9. Camera
10. Camera Audio
11. Camera Memory
12. File Format
13. Video Output Format
14. Channel URL
15. Publishing Point Uplink
16. Bandwidth for Viewers
17. Archives of Streams / Recordings
18. Pay Per View
19. Tickets/Coupons
20. Tracking
21. Advertising
22. Promotion
23. Monetization
24. Success

We have identified 40+ extreme growth markets – these support “on the fly”

The clients in the market we identified will be next…

We focus on 3

Trade Shows
Auto & Events