To own and operate your own Web-Based TV Channel, site or network usually means lot’s of IT staff and dollars to buy lots of separate technologies. We make it easy because we roll all the technologies into one seamless integrated easy to use software suite. No Developer Required.

Of course, if you have a developer or team, you can take advantage of our open source Media Center, Playlist Manager, HCDN, CDN, Virtual Servers etc.

Integration is made easy with our modular approach to offering you a software suite where you can also use our hardware in ways we never dreamed of. Our Software Suite and Platform allows you to make the magic, while we continue to enhance, develop and make global broadcasting simple and easy.

This all means that with “The SPEEDSTREAM Way!” Individuals can affordably own and;operate their own Internet Based TV Media Center and Channel or Network of Channels and reach;any device (any potential viewer);anywhere in the solar system. We can even supply the Hardware Broadcast Products

Extreme Growth Markets:

Vertical Markets Below are Hot and Ready for You to Take Action:

Reseller, Distributor, Wholesale Partnerships & Territories Exist and are being sold around the globe! Get in Quick and Monetize the New IPTV Industry!

Now that you know that serious business opportunities exist – Act Now!

The time has never been better to join the Partner Network; We will even create your own private labeled solutions using our platform and broadcasting suite of tools.

News, Sports, Entertainment, Events, Business, Education, Politics, Municipal, Recon, First Responders, Church, Charity, Politics and the list goes on.

  1. News Gathering: Cost Effective Rapid, Easy, One Touch Connection, Low transmission delay where ever possible, High degree of customization.Industry Professionals have various likes and dislikes about cloud and social network between professional and independent broadcasters.Growth markets: Encode and Publish to Many, Private and Public Feeds
  2. Sports: Cost Effective Either Stationary Switched cameras or Roaming Wireless or Field Camera on Recorder. Most live broadcasting is too expensive to cover. Cost of equipment is getting more affordable, do it yourself opportunities exist where they weren’t before.All these areas need a social network of communications systems.
  3. Entertainment: Cost Effective Back Stage, Mobile, Roaming Broadcasting and Cloud Recording is a natural fit for this type of video. Many more growth markets to be identified.
  4. Events: Cost Effective Live, Mobile Solutions are the way to go for most new implementations. Could be Trendy Etc
  5. Business: One to Many! Cost Effective Live Mass Communication
    • Business
    • Municipalities
    • Education
    • Social Agencies
    • Recon
    • First Response
    • Medical
    • Disaster
    • Real Estate
    • Survey, Field Studies
    • Entertainment
    • News

IPTV Channel Templates:

Our Open Source approach to making online TV Channels and Networks comes with complete turn key solutions to your broadcasting (mass communication) needs.

Easy Solutions for Emerging Markets. These are ready made solutions for you to control.  Take better control over your investment in mass communicating…

Templates include: Media Center Layout, Branding Message, Color Scheme, Channel Playlist – Lot’s of options…. Live Broadcast, Pay Per View, Public, Private and more…

  • News Media & Interview

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Business & Social Events

  • Education

  • Missionary & Social Change

  • Church Services

  • Charity & Community Outreach

  • Transparency

  • First Response & Disaster

  • Government

  • Municipal

  • Online Video Bloggers

  • Video Producers

  • Create Your Own Network

  • Facebook, Twitter, Social Media

  • Online Forums, Blogs

  • Corporate Communications

  • Press Kits

  • EPKs

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Client/Partner/ Sponsor Sites

  • Cobranding Opportunities

  • Trade Show, Conferences

  • Speaking Reels

  • Public Relations

  • ReSale Opportunities

  • Many More Templates Available….

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