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– It’s a New Frontier of Control-

Webcast, Livestreaming Engines, OTT, IPTV, HCDN – On Demand Systems
File Uploading & Storage from 0 to 10 gigs per transfer
Website CRM & CMS using mainly HTML 5, EMBEDs, wordpress, joomla and vtiger

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The following lists and links to various business models and webcasting dashboards where customized capabilities exist and themes have been developed to offer SEO, Pushed-Based marketing and business models, licensing as well as business opportunities to own and control your own vertical market marketing.

Events TV

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venue tv

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trade show

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multicam system

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mass communication

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private audience

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real estate

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More Complex Node Based IPTV

News Gathering

-Citizen News Gatherers


-High School
-Outdoor and Arena


-Music Outdoor & Arena


-Field Studies
-Remote and Local
-Distance Learning


-Organization Events
-Public & Private


-Trade Shows**
-Information Mass Communication
-Real Estate and Architectural
-Municipal & Govt.
-Homeland Security