media center for 2021

Sample Media Center Media Center & Embedded Distribution of Content Media Center | Suite | Adx | IPTVX | MTF | Uploader | Prospector – Media Center – Layout (Legacy) Layout HTML5 – – Features – Starter – Basic – Professional – Pro / GoLive – Viral Ready – Rates –

Streaming Uplink

Backpacks | Dedicated Streaming Desktops & Servers | Embedded | Customized Set Top Systems Cart Based Streaming or Desktop Computer System Cart or Desktop  

mass communication

Overview: Using the power of wireless and internet technology we offer our clients the ability to broadcast anywhere on planet earth using our proprietary mass communication system of interwoven public and private IPTV broadcast channels. This means that right now you can affordably own and operate your own TV Network and reach any device (any…

backpack broadcast kit

The only wearable end to end, one touch webcasting solution. Visit the Store The complete broadcasting kit system can be combined with cloud-based software allows users to achieve affordable, easy and mobile broadcasting. Webcast to Yoursite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Youtube and your own website!   Starter Kit Purchase Flexible, mobile and easy…


solutions – one touch workflow Our “One Touch Workflow” allows you to easy connect and uplink live video to your own website – no need for a web developer because we connect your channel to a 24/7 Viewing playlist and channel manager that takes care of itself with our video/audio playlists that play until you…

dcv systems

DCV Reciever Hardware (1U Rack Mount Server Appliance) Provides Low Latency – 1 Sec Per Buffer Node -See IP Buffer Connection to Head-End, SD/SDI. HD, H.264, MP4, HLS, WMV, MOV. Windows Based Server. See More — Buy Now! The Digital Video Router also known as the Digital Convergence Vehicle (DCV)  

vertical markets

Vertical Growing Markets News Gathering -Television -Radio -Newspapers -Citizen News Gatherers -Weather -Disaster/Recon Sports -High School -Outdoor and Arena -Motor -Cycling Entertainment -Music Outdoor & Arena -Art -Shows Education -Field Studies -Remote and Local -Distance Learning -Government Events -Organization Events -Weddings -Gatherings -Reunions -Public & Private Business -Trade Shows** -Information Mass Communication -Real Estate and…