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iptv channels

-Cross-platform & Embeddable
-Private label
-Connect to many apps
-Dedicated & Permanent IPTV URL
golive apps

-Supports Live Broadcasts
-One-to-many Account
-Cross-link to your site or IPTV Channel

As a turnkey solution provider, SPEEDSTREAM.TV also has an extensive production crew available for hire to produce your broadcasts anywhere in the world.

hardware products

Our Broadcast Kit Backpack is a highly durable, element-proof, self-contained wearable communication system for effortless mobile capture and broadcast with dynamic uplink connects via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Starlink, LAN, WiMAX, LTE and SAT. Broadcast truck and team in a backpack.

DCV Reciever Hardware (1U Rack Mount Server Appliance) Provides Low Latency - 1 Sec Per Buffer Node - See IP Buffer Connection to Head-End, SD/SDI. HD, H.264, MP4, etc, Windows Based Server. See More -- Buy Now!

extreme growth markets

1. News Gathering: Cost Effective Rapid, Easy, One Touch Connection, Low transmission delay where ever possible, High degree of customization. Various likes and dislikes about cloud and social network between professional and independent broadcasters. Encode and Publish to many, Private and Public Feeds

2. Sports: Cost Effective Either Stationary Switched cameras or Roaming Wireless or Field Camera on Recorder. Most live broadcasting is too expensive to cover. Cost of equipment is getting more affordable, do it yourself opportunities exist where they weren't before. All need a social network of communications systems.

3. Entertainment: Cost Effective Back Stage, Mobile, Roaming Broadcasting and Cloud Recording is a natural fit.

4. Events: Cost Effective Live, Mobile Solutions are the way to go. Trendy Etc

5. Business: Cost Effective Live - Mass Communication
-Social Agencies

iptv channel markets

-Corporate Websites
-News Media & Interview
-Video Producers
-TVKnob Network
-Facebook, Twitter, Social Media
-Online Forums, Blogs
-Corporate Communications
-Press Kits
-Email Marketing Campaigns
-Client/Partner/ Sponsor Sites
-Trade Show, Conferences
-Speaking Reels
-Public Relations
-ReSale Opportunities
-Many More....