Streaming Solutions Like Never Before…

We make sense out of the complex deployment options
offering templates and themes to get the job done,
better, faster and easier…

Complete Streaming Systems:

1) Rugged, Mobile, Wearable
2) Dedicated location streaming systems.

Software Suite of Online Cloud-based Tools:

    1.  Media Center

    2.  ADx Banner Manager

    3. Partner Network

    4. CRM – Prospector

We help you in Advertising, Monetizing and Distribution of your content by utilizing your Channel.

Online Promotion Systems can be operated by the channel owner –

  1.   Upload to the SPEEDSTREAM Cloud using Live Content or Pre-Recorded Content.

  2.   Organize and Display / Distribute your Content

  3.   Monetize using the Software Suite of Tools.

The following technology and features are included in all Media Centers: Live or Delayed Broadcasting, Fixed Position or Mobile, Viewing can either be Public or Private, the Video Feed is Embeddable and Sharable, Scalable, Live or Pre-Produced Content Delivery and Archive, allows for 24/7/365 Continuous Playback or On Demand or Pay-Per-View, Open Public Viewing or Password Protected, Content Expiration.

  • Channel Types include:
  • Continuous Play
  • Random Loop
  • Linear Loop (default)
  • Cross-Linked Channels

All of which can be supported by Advertising or 100% ʺYour Brandʺ Channel(s)

There are lots of capabilities…

***with the proper licensing and distribution agreement you don’t have to rely on other services that might block or censor your live and pre-recorded content.  wow – what a game changer.