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The Basic Social Media Level – Advanced Streamer App – Example

The Beginner Level – Streamer – Example

The Professional Level – Media Center – Viral Ready- Example

breaking down the levels of control

streamer = beginner = player / chat
advanced streamer = basic social media / search integration, media center website / player & chat w/ admin app =
professional = viral ready = control center app, media center app, player, chat / both public and private channels


“The Mission Statement.”
With “The SPEEDSTREAM Way!” individuals can affordably own and operate their own Internet- Based TV Webcasting Network and reach any device (any potential viewer) anywhere in the solar system.

– Hardware –

– Software –

– Systems –

“The SPEEDSTREAM Way” involves our “Suite of Online Tools” – by establishing a channel with us, you can the use our monetization tools to develop new sources of revenue.

–  Channel Operator Status –
–  Media Center Web App –
–  Advertising and Promotions Accounts –
–  Customer Relationship Management Accounts –

Each Tool can be bundled into a package or can be sold to you separately.

Website owners monetize their websites by making spaces available to advertisers, thereby earning income from various types of content published on their sites.

See our featured monetization tools.