Tablet Broadcast Kit™ HD – (portable tablet that transmits video to your website) –

The Tablet Broadcaster HD is used in place of a fixed position camera when rapid capture and ultra-portability is desired.  The Tablet Broadcaster HD includes High Definition Streaming and will allow users to Live Internet Broadcast to their public/private Media Center (Your Website) via LAN, Wi-Fi, MiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE.  The Tablet Broadcaster HD can be either bought outright or customers to enter a 24 month contract, pay the first and last payments, and make a $299.00 deposit that goes towards the setup of the Media Center, ADx and Prospector.  This product will incur an additional monthly fee associated with the end user license agreement or EULA that will allow for live, continuous or delayed 24/7/365 broadcasting.

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