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Prepare your files for Public or Private Broadcast. on your Channel URL.

Prepare Your Video Here!

Prepare your video for Distribution on your 24/7 Channel!

Visit the SPEEDSTREAM.TV Upload Center for Private Channels (PPV)

Visit the SPEEDSTREAM.TV Upload Center for Public Uploads.

Please Convert Your Video to WMV Format. Most Video Programs will let you save to the WMV Format. We recommend using Windows Live Movie Maker (Live Movie Maker) you can Download it Here.

512Kbps is ideal.

Between 512 – 768 Kbps is acceptable. Your video program might ask you to choose streaming for broadband. Click Yes. A broadband or DSL selection will work fine, if that’s your preference.

Our Uploader will take .mov, wmv, mpg video files. We can process .wmv’s much faster than other file types. Make sure to name your files something other than a default name. For example:

DO NOT USE: Title 1, 2,3, movie, or clip, or track1, etc.

Your uploaded Audio or Video should be posted to your profile in no more than 4 hours unless you send a file other than a .wmv or there are a high-volume of uploads.

A live human will review and convert your video.

All uploaded files will be kept at SPEEDSTREAM.TV in your own unique channel folder..

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