Random Ramblings – My Rough Draft – The Plight of the broadcaster.

The Client – has to think to themselves how they can do the best webcast possible – this is ever present on “on the fly producers” mind – there is some ego involved with the technical mastery of different technical areas.

Sayings like “the show must go on” and get it in “one take.” are heard and come into play for the broadcast to be a success.
This is a phenomena and a industry term called “on the fly” broadcast.

Spawned from the old days when radio and tv was live and people would come in to the studio to perform or do a show live in front of audience and the tv/radio medium.

On the fly vs. pre-recorded.

It’s one thing to make a recording on a go pro. They bring it back to the computer, download, offload/edit or transfer – then they edit and re-upload a completed and “mixed” project.

The “On the Fly” broadcast is a one or two camera shoot whereby in real time you can make a program without having to record it and edit it separately.
The industry is defining itself – so all you think about go pro is on your mind then you think about action. But the action they are filming is not based on a live webcast.

The industry has no definition between camera and live webcast. The public knows what they are because they have heard the term streaming and go pro.
Similar as apple began to market itunes and others were selling mp3 players.

Bother were defining the industry with a device that nobody had ever used before.