Catalyst Broadcast Kit Wearable/Mobile Backpack Solution

“The Catalyst Kit” is a Multi-Camera System – It is setup to use the cloud servers and managed with a Virtual Server Windows Server or Windows 10 access with Remote Desktop.   HDMI or SDI Inputs are customized for your camera and your network infrastructure.

*  Link to Website
*  DNS URL for Private Label DNS and URLs are available upon request
*  Channel Number & Publishing Point URLs Provided
*  Low Latency and Modem Bonding Ready
*  Media Center Web Application Included.
*  Battery and Charger Upgrade Available  

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Catalyst Kit SolutionQuote – Monetize Tools – Media Center
HDMI – 3 Inputs 1080p
SDI – Black Magic 1080p
More Cams – IP Camera Support

* Uploader
* Channel Manager
* ADX Manager Included
* Prospector CRM Included
* DCV 25/Many Receiver Included
* BGAN SAT System Ready

Demo Catalyst Kit:

GUI Test Drive
Demo Channel
Virtual Machine / Channel Manager Test Drive