Eagle Eye Broadcast Kit Wearable/Mobile Backpack Solution

“The Eagle Eye Kit” is a Multi-Camera System –
It is setup to use the speedstream.tv cloud servers and managed with a DCV installed at the client location –

Proprietary Digital Convergence Vehicle Server Licensing –

Customized Oracle Virtualbox Virtual Servers may operate in Windows Server, Windows 10, Linux.   Our Technologist’s Customize whatever the client requires for integration.

Access with Remote Desktop and SSH, VPN.

On the Backpacks: HDMI or SDI Inputs are customized for your camera and your network infrastructure.

*  Connection Links & Embeds to Website
*  DNS URL for Private Label DNS and more URLs
(available upon request)
*  Channel Number & Publishing Point URLs Provided
*  Cross-Linked Connections
*  Low Latency and Modem Bonding Ready
*  Media Center Web Application Included.
*  Battery and Charger Upgrade Available

Purchase Now!

* Anywhere Live Broadcasting to your own facilities
* Multiple Media Center Integrations
* Uploader & Tools Site Licensing
* Site Licensing for DCV & Channel Manager
* Site Licensing for ADX Manager Included
* Site Licensing for Prospector CRM Included
* DCV 10
* BGAN SAT System Ready

Eagle Eye Broadcast Kit:

Eagle Eye Kit SolutionQuote – Monetize Tools – Media Center
HDMI – 3 Inputs 1080p
SDI – Black Magic 1080p
More Cams – IP Camera Support

Demo Eagle Eye Kit:

GUI Test Drive
Demo Channel
Virtual Machine / Channel Manager Test Drive

Other Accessories Included: