When you get a channel it is displayed on your website as a player page, a series of pages or our all in one Media Center.

Your Media Center is constructed with choices of components.

Media Center Layout & Options

SPEEDSTREAM.TV Media Center Includes a video player system for your website.

These repurposable components included with your channel(s):

  • Live Broadcasting
    • Mobile
    • Fixed Position
  • Viewing
    • Public
    • Private
    • Both
  • Embeddable
    • Sharable
    • Mobile
    • Scalable
  • Pre-Produced Content
    • Archive
    • 24/7 Playback
    • Both
  • On Demand
    • Pay Per View
    • Open Public Viewing
    • Password Protected
    • Content Expiration.
  • Channel Types
    • Continuous Play
    • Random Loop
    • Linear Loop (default)
    • Cross-Linked
    • Ad Supported
    • 100% Your Ad Channels
    • All
SPEEDSTREAM.TV makes it simple
for you to have your own private or branded
Online TV Network using these and other technologies.

Android YX Player




PC’s and Windows Tablets

Set Top Boxes