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Streaming System FeaturesPlatform FeaturesMedia Center FeaturesOne Touch Broadcasting

App Features Include:

– upLink from a virtual / streaming computer, we provide media center app, web player app, distribution & chat system

The Media Center Viral Ready with Built in Live Broadcasting Accounts & Control Features

“A great value for Enterprise Custom Branded & Private Labeled Online TV Networks!”

Business Plan Features List:

  • We offer Streaming Media Solutions. With “The Speedstream Way!” we can utilize the best promotional delivery and viewer tracking systems; combined with live broadcasting channel web pages and video players make powerful revenue streams.

  • Mobile Rugged Backpack, Dedicated Desktop Computer Systems

  • Our “One Touch System Backpack” is easy to use, reliable, rugged and easily scales up for those who many live broadcasts simultaneously. Our platform is designed to provide services and support to fleets of live channels.

  • Suite of Software Solutions & Tools that will enable you to Uplink to a cloud-based media center channel connected to a professional online broadcasting platform.

  • Tech Farm supports the streaming channel systems and sites with a software suite of tools:, MTFNOW, IPTVX, to manage workflow and collect critical business analytics to grow ROI (Return on Investment) and connect in meaningful ways. Stakeholders can all benefit from “The Speedstream Way!”

  • Media Center Webpage: We would use com to install the media center monetize promo pages.

  • Archive: and Promote your pilots online. Features of Media Center – Live or Pre-Recorded (what we are discussing 5 pilot episodes)

  • Public or Private Viewing: Optional Coupon or Tickets to Access the Live Event Online

  • Banner Ads: Promote Vendors, Distributors, Partner Network, Channels, Supporters.

  • Chat Function: during Live Events to Capture Real time Viewer Interaction – Such as Auction Bidding Live Online and other concepts etc…

  • Promotions: We would be able to help in the promotions and online media

  • Lead Generation: It’s exposure – We do this with a custom online video platform – you own a channel, we would support creating content, using our media center apps to promote –

Thus, we can monetize a channel or make the channel successful.